We offer a diverse selection of packaging solutions to cater to your daily needs for high-quality Wiping Rags. Our goal is to help you find the perfect fit for your specific requirements. Whether you need compact 10 lbs boxes for easy handling, larger 25 lbs boxes for extended use, or spacious 50 lbs boxes for bulk storage, we have options that align with your day-to-day demands.

Our packaging is designed to keep your wiping rags clean, accessible, and in top-notch condition for immediate use. Select the packaging that suits your workflow and storage preferences, ensuring that you always have reliable wiping rags at your fingertips.

Wiping Rags Boxes

Explore our packaging options for your quality wiping rags:

10 Lbs Boxes: These compact boxes are perfect for everyday use. Plus, you have the option for custom labeling, a valuable asset for branding and business identity.

25 Lbs Boxes: For larger quantities, our 25 lbs boxes provide ample storage while keeping your rags clean and ready.

50 Lbs Boxes: When you need even more capacity, our 50 lbs boxes are a reliable choice.

You can choose between plain double corrugated boxes for a classic look or opt to have your brand prominently displayed on your ordered boxes. Our custom label service is designed to meet your branding requirements, adding a professional touch to your product packaging. Please review the specifications for our custom label service to make your branding vision a reality.

Wiping Rags Bales

*25 Lbs bale

*110 Lbs bale

Optimize your workspace with our space-saving and storage-friendly solution. Our compressed bales are designed to keep your rags fresh and safeguarded from potential damage caused by water or chemicals in your workplace. Perfect for both industrial and small business needs, these bales are a testament to professionalism, ensuring your wiping rags are always in prime condition. Make the smart choice for efficient storage and pristine rags – order our compressed bales today and elevate the way you manage your everyday work essentials.

*1000 Lbs bale

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